Sunday, 4 March 2012

U2 Miss Sarajevo LIVE Milan

Here is a song which is in connection with this topic in my opinion.

Homework: Discover your differentiation

1. Actually I really really do not know.  I believe I live my life in a different way than the others.

2.  How the text says we're all individual so the people do everything in a different way. The only thing I think is that I eat very slowly everyone in my family finished their dinner while I'm starting to eat the main dish.

3. It's a deep question. I believe my all personality makes me unique not only some of my abilities or traits.

4. I don't think I understand the question well but we have 13 horses at home. :)

5. It's a good question maybe we should ask that people who live around me. Maybe I bring my personality and my values too.


This text say  You have to dare to be yourself you have to bulit your life with strategic-thiniking and  you should start with it  to know your ablilities and who you are and you should live your life in a different way than the others becouse all people are unique.We have to find the style which makes us individual. The strategic- thinking means you do the things different than the others or do the same in a different way.

The only think I can't understand what's on the picture, is it a shark?

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Homework: Movie rewiev and Criticism

Actually, I really don't know wich film I choose becouse I have not seen a very good film for a long time. So now I'm going to write about a very interesting and sometimes frightful movie. It's title is Identity. In my opinion it has a compelling story.

I saw this film maybe last year but I loved it. The basic story is: There are ten foreign people who have to stay in a lonely motel for that reason they can't continue their ways thanks for the weather. After that they realized they can't leave the motel suddenly somebody starts to kill them one by one and every body got a number, the first was the number one the second number two etc. In the middle of the movie they find out everyone was born on 10th of May so there is a special connection between them. In the end everybody dies except a woman and a kid. It clears up the kid was the killer and the woman have a near escape. After that we realized this story was a man's imagination. This  man a schizophrenic and the all characters symbolized his ten personalities. He is at the police and he was charged with that he killed six people. His spychiater want him to bring in a spychiatric institute becouse he is out of his mind. This story was his fantasy maybe it typify that his personalities kill each other for the reason  he will have one character who is innocent. The film end is understandable hard becouse schizophrenic man is taken somewhere it is not find out and he kills the security men and escape after this happening a kid go to the woman who survived the motel and kills her.
I think this is a good film or it is better then how I wrote it I'm sorry I'm not a good writer.