Sunday, 4 March 2012

U2 Miss Sarajevo LIVE Milan

Here is a song which is in connection with this topic in my opinion.

Homework: Discover your differentiation

1. Actually I really really do not know.  I believe I live my life in a different way than the others.

2.  How the text says we're all individual so the people do everything in a different way. The only thing I think is that I eat very slowly everyone in my family finished their dinner while I'm starting to eat the main dish.

3. It's a deep question. I believe my all personality makes me unique not only some of my abilities or traits.

4. I don't think I understand the question well but we have 13 horses at home. :)

5. It's a good question maybe we should ask that people who live around me. Maybe I bring my personality and my values too.


This text say  You have to dare to be yourself you have to bulit your life with strategic-thiniking and  you should start with it  to know your ablilities and who you are and you should live your life in a different way than the others becouse all people are unique.We have to find the style which makes us individual. The strategic- thinking means you do the things different than the others or do the same in a different way.

The only think I can't understand what's on the picture, is it a shark?